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Buffalo Academy

Premium Nationwide College Tutoring Service

Buffalo Academy is a premium college tutoring company owned and operated by Mori Batagva. Mori contacted us because his previous website was built on a Wix template and was not optimized for SEO. We assured Mori that we could redesign his site with a modern mobile responsive design and improve his ranking in Google search for his primary keywords that target tutoring for many colleges across the nation. Below you can see the improvements we have made so far for Buffalo Academy that will only get better and better in time.

Old Site

Out of date design that had distracting video background, not optimized for SEO to get organic traffic or secure with SSL.

Macbook and Iphone mockup displaying college tutoring website

New Site 

Complete site redesign for a up to date modern look thats mobile responsive on all devices and optimized with his keywords.

Macbook and Iphone mockup displaying college tutoring website

Search Engine Optimization

Before we started working together, the old Buffalo Academy site was all about tutoring in Boulder, CO. Since Covid stopped Mori’s old way of marketing which was covering the CU campus with flyers, he needed to improve his online presence. Like many business owners, Mori was lost when it came to how to improve his organic search traffic.

To help Buffalo Academy get a better ranking we began by optimizing the text, images and video on his site so Google can properly read and understand what kind of service he offers in the correct university locations.

After only 90 days of building the new Buffalo Academy site and implementing our SEO strategies, Mori is now ranking on page #1 for many college tutoring keyword phrases.

Improvement in Ranking = More Business!

Report below displays 6 keywords out of 50 we are targeting.

seo ranking stats displaying college tutoring keywords

Social Media Reviews

One of the most important selling points in todays world is real online reviews. This is why we made sure to integrate Mori’s Yelp, Facebook, and Google reviews into his site.

When new visitors view positive reviews from past students they are much more likely to make a buying decision. With Mori’s improved Google ranking, his reviews are only going to grow and grow.

4 social media reviews for college tutoring service

Video Optimization

Video is the most powerful form of marketing that exists today. In order to optimize Mori’s conversions and ranking in Google search we made 50+ videos targeting every college keyword phrase he wants to rank for.¬†

We ensured that the title of the video, description, and tags matched each keyword phrase for 50+ pages on his site.



Monthly Website Management

We provide Buffalo Academy with full service web management so Mori can focus on his business and know his website is in good hands.

  • Website hosting
  • Security monitoring
  • Incremental site backups
  • Content updates upon request

Live Website

Software management dashboard

Digital Product Pro

We stand out in your choices for an small business SEO service because we provide a very personalized experience with fast turnaround times and priority support. We also do not require contracts which gives you the freedom to stop our service at anytime, but we don't think you will because what we do works.

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