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You might be asking yourself, do I really need an SEO plugin? The answer is absolutely yes! If you want optimum SEO results when using WordPress it’s mandatory that you use a SEO plugin. And you guessed it, I very highly recommend SEO Press Pro. In this post I’ll cover why I have use it, why I prefer it over other plugins and how to install and properly use it.

Why I Chose SEO Press Pro

After testing many different SEO plugins over the past 5 years I have found SEO Press Pro to be the most affordable, user friendly and most importantly effective plugin I have used. For the modest price of only $39 a year for unlimited sites you can’t go wrong. Yoast SEO Premium is $89 a year only 1 site and it goes up and up from there. You will save a ton of money going with SEO Press Pro over Yoast Premium.

How To Install SEO Press Pro

To install, go to the plugins section of your WordPress dashboard and search for SEO Press. Download and activate the free version (it is required to have the free version for the pro version to work). Then you need to purchase one Pro License at $39. Once that is done, download the Pro version and install in the plugins section of your WordPress dashboard. The last thing would be to grab your license key and paste it in to validate your purchase.

How To Use SEO Press Pro

Now that you have both the free and Pro version installed and activated we can begin to use it. First, select your home page and enter your main keyword in the “Target Keywords” section. Then make sure your keyword is in your H1, H2, and H3 tags on your page. Next, Fill in your Meta Title and Meta Description (it will display a preview of your Google listing. Finally, I highly recommend you use the Video Sitemap feature where you can add your Youtube video url, description, duration, thumbnail, and tags for better search engine results. 

Resources Mentioned SEO Press Video

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