SEO Basics – How Does SEO Work?

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SEO which stands for search engine optimization is a topic that can confuse many people and leave them feeling frustrated. Can’t I just build a website with some text, images and videos and let Google do the rest? Maybe 10 or 15 years ago that would work but in todays world that won’t get you the results you want, if any.

My goal in this post is to simplify the complex nature of search engine optimization. So you have a good understanding of how it works and what you need to focus on.

The 2 Types of SEO Basics

To begin, there is basically 2 types of SEO.
1. On Page SEO
2. Off Page SEO

On Page SEO is a term that describes the actual data files that live on your website (Text, Images, Video)

Off Page SEO is a term describing the outside links pointing to your website (Press Releases, Web 2.0 Links, Guest Posts, and other people sharing your content)

How Do SEO Basics Work For You?

When you have the combination of good ON Page SEO + good Off Page SEO it creates trust in the eyes of Google meaning you will have a much better chance of being ranked high for your desired keywords.

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