Press Release for SEO – What They Are & How To Get Them

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Just like my last posts on Web 2.0 Links for SEO and Citations for SEO, knowing how to properly issue a Press Release for SEO is a key part of your Off Page SEO strategy. Unlike citations from business directories that are only really required for local businesses that have a physical brick and motor location, Press Releases can be of great value for all types of business sites wanting to improve their search engine optimization.

What Is A Press Release for SEO?

A Press Release should be a short, compelling news story written to draw attention to your business that gets syndicated through multiple news media channels.

Why Use A Press Release for SEO?

They are a mix of low to mid authority links from trusted news sites that pass trust to your site for the keyword you are trying to rank for. They should by no means be your only type of link building but are very important for laying a solid foundation.

How To Write A Press Release for SEO?

It should highlight an interesting part of your business that consumers would be interested in. Your article should be at 300 words +, I personally recommend over 500. Link diversity is probably the most important part. You never want to run the risk of appearing spammy in the eyes of Google.
Here are 3 tips for link diversity:
• 1 keyword anchor
• 1 naked url anchor
• NAP Info (Business Name, Address, Phone Number)

How To Get A Press Release for SEO?

There are a ton of different services online that offer Press Release syndication. The price will vary depending on which company you select and if you need someone to write the article for you or you are going to write the article yourself and submit for syndication which would be the cheaper option.

Here are a few top Press Release companies you can check out.


Have us do your Press Releases for SEO

As part of your SEO Package we include High Quality Press Releases to 500 TV, Newspaper, Radio, and other media. We handle everything from article writing and syndication so you don’t have to do anything but watch your site jump in ranking.

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