Off Page SEO – A Basic Understanding

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If you read my previous post about On Page SEO then this will be a great introduction to the other half of the search engine optimization equation which is Off Page SEO. It’s important to remember that this is only meant to give you a basic understanding, in future posts we will cover each aspect in more detail.

What is Off Page SEO?

To begin, Off Page SEO is a term that describes the outside links that point into your business website that make up your backlink profile. Examples of these include business citations, web 2.0 links, press releases, guest posts and private blogs. I personally recommend 80% low to mid authority sites (business citations, web 2.0 links, press releases) and 20% high authority links (guest posts and private blogs). It is important that you don’t point too many high authority links at once because it does not look natural. That might seem overwhelming at first but each of these plays a key role in boosting your ranking in search.

How Proper Off Page SEO Helps You Build Trust With Google

Think of it this way, the links that point into your website are like votes. The more votes you have have sites that Google views as credible and reliable sources, the better chance you have of first page rankings for your desired keywords. It’s really just a popularity contest and by building proper Off Page SEO you are raising your popularity factor.

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