How To Make Phone Number Clickable In WordPress

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Why You Need Your Phone Number Clickable In WordPress

With the ever growing usage of mobile devices (phones and tablets) being used daily for just about everything, it is very important that your website is fully mobile responsive. For example, if a potential client or customer visits your website using their phone and want to contact you but when they tap on your phone number nothing happens, that can be enough to lose them forever. This is due to all of us becoming very inpatient, one of the few downsides to advancing technology.

5 Steps To Make Your Phone Number Clickable In WordPress

  1. Open your WordPress text editor
  2. Type or locate your phone number and highlight it
  3.  Select the link icon in tool menu
  4.  In the url space enter tel: before your phone number
  5.  Save and thats it

Conclusion: Take The Time To Make This Easy Fix

Here’s a few benefits that come with making your phone number clickable.

  • Better experience for your viewers
  • More calls to your business from your website on mobile
  • You will look more professional in the eyes of your target market

Thanks for taking the time to read this post on how to make your phone number clickable in WordPress. I hope you found it helpful.

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