Guest Post for SEO – What They Are & How To Get Them

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Just like my last posts on Press Release for SEOWeb 2.0 Links for SEO and Citations for SEO, knowing how to obtain a Guest Post for SEO is a key part of your Off Page SEO strategy. Out of all the Off Page SEO strategies, getting a good guest post might be the most tricky as it requires you contacting another website owner and convincing them that you would like to share valuable content on their site with a backlink to your site.

What Are Guest Posts?

When you reach out to another site owner and offer to submit a valuable piece of content. Some of these guest post opportunities are free and some can be expensive. It really depends on how much traffic the site gets and how much domain authority it has. 

Why Use A Guest Post for SEO?

Guest posts provide links that point back to your site which helps boost your domain authority, making it easier to rank for the keywords you want to rank for. Also, readers of the post could become your client or customer.

How To Write A Guest Post?

Value is everything! You need write content a reader will appreciate and learn from because this content is not going on your site but someone else, so you need to prove yourself as a trusted source of good information.
Link Diversity is also very important because you don’t want a bunch of keyword exact match anchor links that can appear spammy.

Here is what I recommend: 
• 1 keyword anchor
• 1 naked url
• NAP Info (Business Name, Address, Phone Number)

How To Get A Guest Post?

Go search for (your keyword + blogs) then select which ones you want to reach out to. It’s important to remember that these site owners get contacted on a regular basis for guest posts and know exactly why you want them so be prepared if they reply with a price list.

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